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Server Maintenance:

    •     ♦ 24/7 Server Health and Performance monitoring with alerts on failure.
    •     ♦ Patch Management to keep your servers up-to date with latest available Microsoft updates and all the Basic third-party software.
    •     ♦ Changes to user accounts included (add, remove, or change user accounts)


Firewall Maintenance:

    •     ♦ 24/7 Firewall Health and Security Monitoring.
    •     ♦ We keep your Firewall up-to date with latest firmware updates.
    •     ♦ Add or remove firewall rules and policies as per the requirement.


Managed Antivirus:

    •     ♦ Enterprise grade cloud managed antivirus to keep you server secured from latest Exploits, Malware, Ransomware and Network Attacks.


Managed Backups:

    •     ♦ Onsite Disk-based Backups to

                              ♦ Protect data and systems efficiently and frequently with image-based backup

                              ♦ Minimize the disruption of system failure with fast, flexible, reliable recovery.


Help Desk :

    •     ♦ Team of experts ready to help you incase of any IT Issues.
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