Configured & Managed Services

Configured & Managed Services
We use configurable hardware and software to take the worry out of your technology.
Unified Communications
We help your company step into the modern age of telecommunications.
Cloud & Colocation Services
We can remove the physical limitations of your technology by utilizing the Cloud.
Procurement Services
We can alleviate the pain and troubles from your international procurement processes.
Digital Transformation Services
Whether it's optimizing your webpage or your search engine hit rates, we can improve the subtle details of your digital position.
Advanced C-Suite Services
Ashunya offers you advanced software development experts who use SAP, Oracle, and Fullstack development that often give giants in your markets the edge.
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Our Featured Services

Custom and configurable - We listen and deliver on what your business needs most.

Ashunya Provides Configured and Managed Services in the USA, We help your business thrive by developing custom software, optimizing existing hardware, implementing updated cabling, and keeping your company’s intellectual property safe.

  • Integrated Software
  • Specialized Hardware
  • Cyber Security
  • Cable Networking
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Integrated Software

We take the time to learn about all of the intricacies of your business and then develop configurable software that not only solves your problems, but propels your business forward. Our team of experts have been developing custom systems for domestic as well as international clients in all major industries.

Ashunya Icons__CMS Product_Specialized Hardware
Specialized Hardware

Knowing the ins-and-outs of IT hardware takes time and resources to understand. However, the experts at Ashunya are on top of the current IT trends and can determine what your organization needs by performing root-cause and suggesting configurable technology that fits your business’s unique needs.

Ashunya Icons__CMS Product_Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Security is always a must when it comes to technology, and especially during today’s evolving market. We can create multiple layers of security that fits your privacy needs and can combine this security with our other services to ensure you are protected from all angles of technology.

Ashunya Icons__CMS Product_Cable Networking
Cable Networking

As your business grows, more data and communication lines are needed in order to maintain connection across your business. Our mobile teams can optimize your existing cable network and can implement additional lines of connectivity to ensure your business can scale without problems of disconnecting. investments. We educate and advise you on the latest communication strategies that work today and are designed to meet your future needs.

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Let Ashunya solve all of your IT problems with our string of configurable and managed services In the USA. No matter how big the scope is, our team of experts can find the right solution for you. Start a project with Ashunya today!

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Creative Approach

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Creative Approach

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