Procurement Services

Configured & Managed Services
We use configurable hardware and software to take the worry out of your technology.
Unified Communications
We help your company step into the modern age of telecommunications.
Cloud & Colocation Services
We can remove the physical limitations of your technology by utilizing the Cloud.
Procurement Services
We can alleviate the pain and troubles from your international procurement processes.
Digital Transformation Services
Whether it's optimizing your webpage or your search engine hit rates, we can improve the subtle details of your digital position.
Advanced C-Suite Services
Ashunya offers you advanced software development experts who use SAP, Oracle, and Fullstack development that often give giants in your markets the edge.
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Complete Projects
Our Featured Services

A little help goes a long way when it comes to running your business.

We have a global team at your disposal to procure software and hardware from across the globe and have it shipped and set up where you need it most. Our team can also project-manage scalable projects on behalf of your business.

  • US Domestic Procurement
  • Project Management
  • International Procurement
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US Domestic Procurement

Procurement within the US has drastically changed over the past two decades. Let Ashunya’s sources and negotiating experts help you navigate the dynamics of the US's procurement system and get your goods to where they need to go without the hassle.

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Global Procurement

Sourcing, negotiating, and shipping goods across the globe takes an expertise every company should have access to. Ashunya’s experts can act as your international procurement expert and help you overcome the complexities of sources from across the globe.

Ashunya Icons__PS Product_ Project Management
Project Management

Managing scalable projects is challenging even for the largest of businesses. But you don't have to do it alone. Ashunya can be sourced to serve as temporary or permanent project managers for your business and help you get through even the most complex project timelines.

Do you have any Project?

Don’t let the complexities of a project stop your business from success.

Ashunya has the resources to help your business overcome any project, both simple and complex. So don’t feel like you have to tackle every project alone, start a project with Ashunya today!
Creative Approach

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Creative Approach

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Creative Approach

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