Unified Communications

Configured & Managed Services
We use configurable hardware and software to take the worry out of your technology.
Unified Communications
We help your company step into the modern age of telecommunications.
Cloud & Colocation Services
We can remove the physical limitations of your technology by utilizing the Cloud.
Procurement Services
We can alleviate the pain and troubles from your international procurement processes.
Digital Transformation Services
Whether it's optimizing your webpage or your search engine hit rates, we can improve the subtle details of your digital position.
Advanced C-Suite Services
Ashunya offers you advanced software development experts who use SAP, Oracle, and Fullstack development that often give giants in your markets the edge.
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Communication is key, so don’t let your business go with anything less than perfect.

We integrate state-of-the-art communication technologies to streamline your business and even intertwine with various big-name service providers to ensure your business’s internet/entranet is working 24/7.

  • Voice Over IP
  • Internet Services
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
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Voice Over IP

Stay connected to your customers and your coworkers with Ashunya’s modern Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service. While remote work is becoming the standard, keeping your in-office VOIP updated is key to staying in contact with those who matter most. We seamlessly integrate into your existing internet service and provide communication connectivity across your enterprise.

Ashunya Icons__UC Product_Internet Services
Internet Services

Connecting to the internet is not new. However, with today’s range of providers and service types, you need an expert to determine which is the best for your growing business. Our experts can work with you and your internet provider to make sure your business has the connection it deserves.

Ashunya Icons__UC Product_Hybrid Private Branch Exchange
Hybrid Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

One of the biggest benefits to having a hybrid PBX is for remote offices and secondary locations. Allowing calls from one office to the other through the hybrid PBX eliminates long-distance charges and allows temporary location calls to connect directly to the PBX instead of relying on the local telephone lines.

Do you have any Project?

Communication is a two way street, and Ashunya is here to listen to what your business needs.

We want to better understand your telecommunication and internet connectivity issues so we can develop a process that fits your unique business. Don’t let your communication issues fall on deaf ears, start a project with Ashunya today!
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