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Business Consulting


Ashunya consults clients regarding the services we provide.

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Managed Services


Ashunya is a fully qualified company. We offer state of the art managed services

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Software Services


Ashunya is an IT consulting firm specializing in business-focused technology solutions.

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If you are experiencing any technical issues, you can contact us via phone or click here to request remote technical support.


Medical & Healthcare Overview

The medical field is a constantly changing industry with the latest technology being implemented in hospitals and medical offices everywhere. Advancements in diagnosis and treatment are being made.

Much of the advancement is due to cutting edge technology. One of the technology advances in healthcare right now is the paperless chart system. This type of technology allows offices to network with hospitals, to be linked to other offices in various states, and providers are able to work from multiple locations to share in the management of patients.

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Finance and Insurance firms want a total hardware and software solution that allows easy, reliable, seamless operation of daily tasks. Moreover, whether you’re installing a network, providing backup systems or introducing new software applications, the solution should not only address current needs, it should anticipate the firm’s growth and include an upgrade strategy.

A firm’s size and technological sophistication are the most important factors in determining its needs. A sole practitioner may want to communicate with clients via the Internet. A five person firm may be interested in networking standalone PCs, so multiple users can share applications, data and peripherals, and connect to the Internet simultaneously. A larger firm may be ready to upgrade or implement a client/server network, or link offices in a wide area network.

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Technology is giving educators access to multimedia content, online courses and material that enhances classroom instruction to improve all learning opportunities. While great for students and teachers, it presents a real IT challenge. It’s because the technical requirements of today’s connected classrooms are changing rapidly and schools are continually playing technological catch up. Just a few years ago the challenge was to get a computer into the hands of every student. Today, that challenge also includes a struggle with provisioning and managing mobile devices and delivering sufficient wireless bandwidth.

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Supply Chain

Ashunya Procurement Network can help our customers that fits their needs – not the needs of Ashunya!

Ashunya is a true Business Engine that supports and provides supply chain capabilities in the procurement process:

Our typical procurement process includes:

End-to-end single-source performance:

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Retailers need to constantly focus on growing their customer base, increasing the amount those customers spend, understanding where their margins are made and finding ways to increase those margins. This can be accomplished a number of ways including reducing value-chain costs and defining and accentuating areas of profitable differentiation. Knowing that market value is based on investor expectations of future profitable growth, retailers must provide a convincing roadmap on how they expect to achieve results. And none of this can be done without proper knowledge and control of your company’s data, systems and processes.

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"In the first year our estimate was ROI of 30%. To our surprise, Ashunya Transcriptions actually saved about 45% in Cost Reduction for the overall transcription process and gaining technology, efficiency, workflow integration and immediate delivery of their dictations."

Dr. Merry Tetef, M.D.
Oncology Center, Irvine, CA

"Ashunya is an excellent provider of computer IT. Ashunya has provided my company with state of the art services for many years. They are extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and easy to work with. We’ve never had a computer problem that they could not fix. I would recommend Ashunya to anyone without any hesitation."

Dr. Harsh Patel

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IT Managed service orange  IT Solutions in Orange

IT Solutions in Orange

IT Solutions in Orange

It Services Orange County

It Services Orange County

It Services Orange County
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